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Kaspersky Adaptive Online Training
Cybersecurity skills from a leading IT security vendor, supported by adaptive learning

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Kaspersky Adaptive Online Training

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Kaspersky Adaptive Online Training is a unique solution among security awareness training courses, combining content based on Kaspersky’s 20+ years’ experience in cybersecurity and advanced learning and development methodology developed by Area9 Lyceum on Rhapsode™, the world’s first four-dimensional adaptive learning platform.

Grounded in an innovative adaptive learning methodology, the cognitive-driven approach contributes to a personalized learning experience that takes into account the abilities and needs of each and every learner.

Service Scope and Options

One-on-one, personal tutor approach

The program applies key elements of learning science:
- Problem-based learning
- Different approaches to the same topic
- Constant assessment of a learner’s progress.

Boosts internal motivation

Kaspersky Adaptive Online Training identifies how familiar a learner is with a particular topic and provides explanations and help only when it's needed. This eliminates tiresome repetition and helps improve internal motivation.

Immersive learning process

Teaching by asking questions ensures that the knowledge it not only acquired, but anchored. Regular knowledge refreshment contributes to building safe cybersecurity habits.

Saves employees’ time

An individual learning path tailored and adapted to each learner significantly reduces the time spent on training.

The Risk

Employees remain the weakest link in corporate cybersecurity. In spite of all the security instruments in place, it only takes one unaware, unprepared employee to click on the wrong link to open the door to a security breach.

80% of breaches are caused by employee carelessness and negligence.
More than 50% of enterprises regard employees as the biggest threat to corporate cybersecurity.

30% of employees admit that they share their work PC’s login and password details with colleagues.
The average financial impact of a data breach caused by inappropriate IT resource use by employees - $1,195K for enterprises.

33% of enterprises plan to invest more in security education and security training for employees to avoid security incidents.
52% of enterprises have experienced cybersecurity problems due to inappropriate IT resource use by employees.

Suitable for

This solution is particularly well suited to addressing the security requirements, concerns and constraints of these enterprise sectors.

  • Enterprise
  • Industrial
  • Financial Services
  • Transportation
  • Government

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