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Kaspersky Security Assessment
Practical demonstration of potential attack vectors that could bypass your security controls

Kaspersky Private Security Network

Kaspersky Security Assessment

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How can you ensure that your IT infrastructure or specific applications are secured against potential cyberattack? No two IT infrastructures are the same, and the most powerful cyberthreats are tailor-made to exploit the specific vulnerabilities of the individual organization. Regular security assessment provides clear understanding of your security posture and ensures compliance with industry best practices.

Security Assessment Services from Kaspersky are the services of our in-house experts, many of them global authorities in their own right, whose knowledge and experience is fundamental to our reputation as world leaders in security intelligence. Because no two IT infrastructures are exactly the same, and because the most powerful cyberthreats are tailor-made to exploit the specific vulnerabilities of the individual organization, our expert services are also tailor-made. The services described on the following pages form a part of our professional toolkit – some or all of these services, in part or in full, may be applied as we work with you.

Our objective, above all, is to work with you, one on one, as your expert advisors, helping to evaluate your risk, harden your security and mitigate against future threats.

Kaspersky Security Assessment Services include:

Penetration Testing

Threat Intelligence-driven adversary simulation demonstrating potential attack vectors and providing an overview of your security posture from an attacker standpoint.

Application Security Assessment

A thorough hunt for business logic flaws and implementation vulnerabilities in applications of any kind, from large cloud-based solutions to embedded and mobile applications.

Payment Systems Security Assessment

Comprehensive analysis of hardware and software components of various payment systems to reveal potential fraud scenarios and vulnerabilities that can result in financial transactions manipulation.

ICS Security Assessment

Case-specific threat modelling and the vulnerability assessment of Industrial Control Systems and their components, providing an insight into the existing attack surface and the corresponding business impact of potential attacks.

Transportation Systems Security Assessment

Specialized research focused on identifying security problems related to mission-critical components of modern transportation infrastructure from Automotive to Aerospace

Red Teaming

Threat Intelligence-driven adversary simulation helping to evaluate the effectiveness of your security monitoring capabilities and incident response procedures

Content relevant to your specific role

Each report provides an overview of the campaign, outlining industries and regions affected, probably attribution and objectives, as well as detailed technical analysis with a list of corresponding IoCs and YARA rules

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